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Criminal law services include


Arrested or Currently

Under Investigation?

  • DUI, OWI, and other drunk driving charges

  • Drug related offenses

  • Sex offenses

  • Theft

  • Forgery

  • White collar crimes

In order to better serve you, our team of attorneys is able to assist you with a wide variety of legal matters. Schedule an appointment to discuss your family law, bankruptcy, or child custody case.

We will work hard to

help you avoid serving jail time.

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience.

Don't take criminal charges lying down

Just because you've been accused of a crime doesn't mean that you have been found guilty. No matter what kind of situation you have found yourself in, the knowledgeable attorneys at Thornton & Coy, P.L.L.C. can help.

Cash, check, and credit cards

Easy payment options

From minor misdemeanors to serious DUI charges, our team has what it takes to help you pursue the justice you deserve. We even have 2 locations to better serve you.

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